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Organizational Backround

We the above mentioned organization was established in July 2003, as a voluntary Community Service Provider. The organization comprises of five Operational structures “Management Team” on day to day run of the organization. We also have a number of Volunteers, on daily running of programmes. Community Health care Workers submit written reports daily for the management evaluation and checking programmes. The manager and administrator also sit on board meeting for report, clarities and for accountability of resources.

Declaration of Intent

We declare our non-alliance with any political party or groups.
We do not discriminate against Gender, Political affiliation, Religion and Physical Challenged.


To house the sick, home the orphans and the aged.
Create poverty eradication project for the needy and self sustainability.


We care for the sick, orphans and vulnerable, the aged and the needy holistically


To offer possible assistance in our community generally, so we can compliment the Health care and Social services delivery.

Primary Objectives

To extend the development of learning, sports, arts and culture, health services, health hazards, social resources and agricultural projects etc.
To keep the community occupied.