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We started operating from a house now we have moved to a school. Programmes have increased it was Home Based Care but now there is an after care and a food gardening project. We are also working with various organizations to meet the needs of our beneficiaries, such as City of Joburg for distributing of vegetable to orphans, Aids Consortium for trainings, HIVSA for HIV/AIDS trainings and research studies, etc
- The organization has Produced one male nurse two female nurses, three social auxiliary workers and a ward councilor.


We request your company to provide our organization with lunch for fifty children and five child care workers. We have junior masters tournament on the 22nd October 2011. We hope that some of our children will have opportunity to get scholarship to Norway out of this tournament.

Project outcomes

1. The rate of TB reduced in our community and stigma of HIV/AIDS reduced.
2. Well nourished children
3. sick people are able to help themselves
4. Youth is able to sustain themselves through empowerment.

Driving Values

- Best Quality Service
- Accountability